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Choosing the right Christmas Party Venue

Choosing the right venue for your company's Christmas celebrations can be a huge responsibility. Whether you are organising for ten guests or 1000, everyone's enjoyment of the evening usually rests on the shoulders of one person - the organiser.

Here are our tips to help you choose the right venue this year and make some potential savings;

  1. Start to research your options now. If you want the pick of the bunch you'll need to confirm your booking soon.
  2. Ensure that all aspects of the venue complement your brand and your party-goers - if the majority of your colleagues are mainly young men make sure your venue reflects this.
  3. Ensure you make at least one site visit and take a digital camera to record your visit. Make a note of how accurate the directions are and the time it takes to reach the venue from the office.
  4. Arrange your party date after you have chosen your venue. Most companies tend to go for a Thursday and Friday, so if you need to get a good deal go for a Tuesday or Wednesday
  5. Consider accommodation at, or near to, the venue, some guests may like to stay overnight and make the most of the occasion. Again if you're on a tight budget make sure the venue is close to budget accommodation.
  6. A venue which has a helpful and efficient manager will stand you in good stead in the run up to your event. When you're near to confirmation request a drink on arrival for all guests to be thrown in!
  7. Choose a venue that can provide as many of your needs as possible such as catering (make sure you organise a tasting session), AV, cloakrooms, furniture and tableware - fewer suppliers will make the management of the event much easier. Choosing a venue that already has a theme is also more cost effective.
  8. Choose a venue that suits your anticipated attendance figures - a full venue guarantees an excellent atmosphere.
  9. Make suitable provisions for post-event transport - whether coaches, cars or taxis - this is important if your event is to end on a high.
  10. Finally, make your Christmas party a cracker by spending some time on the detail - it's these small touches that can make your event one to remember. Ask some of your suppliers to sponsor the drinks or canapés - great way for them to build relationships and for you to save some pennies!